Can I Install My Own New Light Fixtures?

Aug 23, 2020

Any job related to electrical work should only be handled by an experienced and confident individual. If you are installing a new light fixture in a brand-new spot, then that is a project best left to the professionals. Don’t hesitate to call a licensed electrician with Expert Electric Winnipeg to safely handle this job. If you are simply replacing a fixture where there is already wiring? You can follow this guide to learn more.

Installing Your Own Light Fixture

In most cases, replacing your own light fixtures can be done with a basic knowledge of electrical systems. The process is pretty universal. It is usually the same three wires being connected and disconnected. Most times, you are able to buy any light fixture and put it up where there was an existing light fixture in your home.

If you have never attempted any sort of electrical installation, or if you have any questions, you should call a licensed electrician. Never attempt to learn on the spot. If a light fixture is installed improperly, it can cause fires or electrocution.

Follow these steps to install your new light fixture:

Turn Off The Power

You need to shut the power off at the source. This means going to your electrical panel and shutting off the breaker connected to the light fixture being replaced. If you are not sure which switch you need to shut off? Keep the light on the fixture you are trying to replace and keep an eye on it to see which switch shuts it off.

Remove The Old Light Fixture

You may need a screwdriver to remove the old light fixture from the mount.

Disconnect The Old Wires

Once the light fixture is removed, you are now able to see the wires that are attached to it with a type of wire connector. Disconnect the wires and move the old light fixture somewhere safe.

Connect The New Wires

Using the new light fixture to connect. It is to the wires hanging from the ceiling using the provided connector system.

Mount The New Fixture

Attach the new light fixture to the mount using the hardware provided.

Turn On The Power

Once the fixture is mounted. You can install a light bulb and turn on the power. Be sure to watch the lightbulb for any sputtering, and listen closely for any sounds that might indicate you have installed the fixture improperly.

If you hear any weird sounds after you turn the power back on, that may mean you installed the fixture incorrectly. The best thing to do would be to call a licensed electrician at Expert Electric Winnipeg. Our experienced electricians are able to answer any of your electrical questions. They are able to help install any types of light fixtures, big or small. A qualified electrician is able to ensure that your home is safe and outfitted with proper light fixture installations.

If you are interested or would like to hear more about the services? Contact Expert Electric Winnipeg today.