Cozy Lighting Tips And Tricks

Dec 12, 2020

Nothing creates the feeling of warmth like a comfortable and inviting home. But did you know you can achieve that by simply switching up the lighting in the room? You’ll be surprised by the difference adding a lamp or changing a lightbulb can make to your home’s atmosphere. Here are some of our top tips on how you can make your space feel a little cozier.

Put Up Fairy Lights

Does the thought of using fairy lights bring you back to your college days? Here’s how you can use fairy lights without feeling like you’re back in your dorm room. Instead of wrapping your entire room, keep it subtle by highlighting just one shelf or placing it in a glass jar. It is also a great way to accessorize any room decor you have and give it an instant cozy glow.

Light Some Candles

There’s something about the warm glow of a candle that makes you feel relaxed and want to slow down. If you have small children or pets and do not want an open flame, opt for flameless candles instead. Some even have a flickering flame effect to make them look more realistic. If you have shelves or bookcases in the house that don’t get much light at night, a flameless candle or tealight can give some elegant backlighting and accentuate your display.

Add Variety

Avoid harsh, overhead lighting. Instead, use various light sources to create clusters of illumination and define different focal points in the room. Have a balance of task lighting (so you can still see what you’re doing), table and floor lamps, and ambiance lighting. You want to stay as far away from unflattering, fluorescent lights as possible.

Get A Nightlight

But the adult version. A salt lamp, a glass lantern with flameless candles, or a low-wattage lamp are all excellent nighttime lighting options that set a mood without giving out too much light. Place one on a shelf or on your bedside table to add more glow to the room.

Warm Up The Temperature

If you do not have the budget for additional lighting or completely changing the lighting set up in your home, try switching a “cool white” bulb with a “warm white” one. When shopping for light bulbs, make sure to check the Kelvin temperature listed on the packaging. If you want a warm, golden glow, choose one with 2700 Kelvins or less. I promise changing the bulbs alone will make a world of difference.

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