What To Look For When Hiring An Electrician

May 28, 2020

Electrical work can be very dangerous, which is why a licensed electrician must be present to complete the project. This is true regardless of the type or simplicity of the project and even if you think you have a minor problem that is simple to fix, you can run into a dangerous situation and put yourself or your family at risk. Electrical work can be hazardous if it is completed incorrectly but this can easily be avoided by hiring a reputable electrician.

The most important thing to look for when hiring an electrician is licensing. This is crucial and will provide you with peace of mind knowing you and your home are in good hands. You must do some research to check their references, safety record, and, of course, their experience, which will say a lot about whether or not you should hire them. Some electricians specialize in a particular area and may not be familiar with the type of work you require, so make sure they have the experience to successfully and safely complete the job you need to be done.

Proper licensing must be your number one priority for a number of reasons, including the following:

Proper Training

When you hire a licensed electrician, you know they have gone through the proper training and testing required to do the job both safely and correctly. They are obligated to go through years of training both on the job and in the classroom, after which they must complete an exam that tests their understanding. This process helps electricians acquire the knowledge and experience that is required to enter this particular field.

Ability To Obtain Permits

Licensed electricians can obtain permits on your behalf if the work you would like to have completed requires one. They have access to city officials who can grant permits so that you do not receive a fine.


Licensed electricians prioritize safety and acknowledge that this is the number one concern. Their knowledge and skills will allow them to identify potential hazards that could harm a home or its occupants and will complete the job based on their findings to ensure it is done safely and provide the homeowner with peace of mind.

Knowledge Regarding Codes

Licensed electricians understand every one of the safety and building codes, meaning the job will be completed correctly based on these requirements so that you don’t have to worry about redoing it in the future.

Electricity is extremely dangerous and only a professional electrician should handle this type of work because they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to complete electrical work safely, and Expert Electric Winnipeg can help. Our electrical contractors specialize in both commercial and residential projects and our electricians can assist in everything from home rewiring, surge protection, knob and tube services, and anything else in between. If you want peace of mind, give us a call today and we will make sure your electrical work is done right.