Why Whole Home Surge Protection Is A Vital Part Of Home Safety

Jan 27, 2020

Winter delivers everything from hail and ice storms to severe winds and lightning storms. Which can all have a severe impact on your home’s electrical system. Protecting the internal components of your home is as important as protecting its structure. Investing in a whole-home surge protection plan is essential to ensure power surges won’t damage or completely fail your electronic devices. A quick, even few-second power outage may not seem like an immediate cause for concern, however, even the most minor surges can cost you big time.

In this article, we will examine the benefits of whole-house surge protection. Why it’s a central part of your home protection.

Protecting Electrical Devices

Arguably the most important reason to invest in whole-home surge protection is to guard your electrical items against the effects of power surges. Now more than ever, households contain a vast amount of electrical devices, from handheld equipment to home appliances. LED bulbs and circuit boards installed. LED bulbs are extremely energy-efficient, however, they contain microcircuit boards. Which are highly sensitive to electrical surges and can become compromised fairly easily. Your handhelds, computers, and electrical gadgets possess a vast amount of your personal information as well, which is why they should be protected.

Layering Is Important

It may be in the best interest of you to speak with our surge protection technicians in Winnipeg. About having your surge protection system layered. This is especially suitable for homes with elaborate home electrical entertainment systems or other complex electrical setups. If a single appliance sends a surge across a shared circuit, then any other outlet in the home can be affected and compromised. A layered system connects directly to the electrical panel as well as at the point of use, therefore, connecting everything.

Various Options

There are a variety of whole-house surge protection options available for you to choose from based on the voltage needs of your home. Homes that have a 120-volt service (average size) can use an 80kA-rated surge protector but should never receive a higher surge than 10kA. For a home that has sub-panels installed, the homeowner should seek surge protection of approximately half the kA rating of its main system. If you reside in an area that is accustomed to several electrical storms throughout the year, it’s sensible to choose a surge protector with an 89kA rating for increased protection. In addition to protecting your home, whole-home surge protection can also reduce the cost of your HVAC insurance.

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