4 Commonly Asked Electrical Questions

There are certain questions that get asked a lot regarding home electricity and many homeowners share the same concerns when it comes to electrical components. Whether you are experiencing electrical problems or are simply curious about your home’s electrical systems, the right information will help and the following are the answers to the most commonly asked electrical questions:

What does “short-circuit” mean?

Most electrical systems contain a hot wire that carries the electrical current and whenever this wire becomes grounded, a short-circuit will occur. This can be the result of a frayed or exposed wire, which can cause the electricity to divert from its designated path. Short-circuits are dangerous because they can generate heat and sparks but newer electrical systems will cause the breaker to trip when this type of problem occurs.

Is there a difference between a fuse and a breaker?

Whenever a fault is sensed in an electrical circuit, both the fuse and the breaker will stop the flow of electricity. Both devices are in place to complete the same task but there is a difference. The difference is that fuses blow out and require a replacement every time they break the flow of electricity, whereas a circuit breaker is a simple switch that can be flipped after the problem has been resolved.

Why do the lights flicker?

Outdated electrical systems will cause the lights to flicker, and most of the time, your electrical panel or wiring will need to be replaced if this is the case. Flickering lights can also be caused by a loose wire, insufficient power supply, or another appliance that is drawing too much power. Whatever the cause, it is always best to contact a licensed electrician whenever this issue occurs because they can diagnose the problem safely.

How can I tell whether or not my electrical panel is safe?

A professional electrician can provide you with the most accurate answer, which is why you should contact them regarding this matter. This is the fastest and most reliable way of knowing if your electrical panel is unsafe and the electrician will also be able to provide you with additional information regarding this problem. You can also check the brand and do a comparison with online reports, although contacting a licensed electrician is always a better idea. If your electrical panel was installed more than 20 years ago, it will likely have to be replaced. 

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