Surge Protection Winnipeg

Damage from surges is one of the leading causes of electrical equipment failure. It is critical to be protected from surges that originate from both internal and external sources so they don’t halt productivity or cause electrical hazards.

Will your business still be in operation if you are hit with a surge?

Will you have to replace expensive electronic equipment?

Don’t take the risk; call Expert Electric to have your business installed with surge protectors today.

Things that you must know about surge protectors

Surge protection is an important aspect that ensures the safety of your precious electrical devices. If you want to add more outlets or even if you want to protect your devices from the sudden change in power, for some reason or another, you will eventually have to buy surge protectors. Whether it is lightning or an immense and sudden rise in voltage, surge protection solutions provide a protective layer to safeguard electrical equipment and devices. Expert Electric of Winnipeg is known for providing the best surge protection solutions in Winnipeg and is more than happy to tell you about things that you should know about surge protectors.

  • Surge protectors and power strips are different: While surge protectors provide some degree of safety against power spikes, power strips, on the other hand, offer no such protection. Power strips are cheaper, multi-outlet items that only provide an expansion of the wall outlet. Though power strips have some sort of circuit breaker, they don’t provide real protection from electrical problems.
  • Check about the joules: The level of protection offered by surge protectors is calculated in terms of joules. Needless to say, you should check the joules of protection provided and then choose a surge protector as per your needs.
  • Warranty: Some surge protector manufacturers offer a warranty on your electrical devices in case of any damage. If you want to be sure then, you should buy a surge protector based on the basis of the warranty provided.
  • Always ask for more outlets than what you need now: It is safe to say that, you’ll always require more outlets in the future. With time you’ll add more devices to your house and doing this will make sure that you don’t have to invest anything more in the near future.
  • Protection is needed for all wiring systems: Another thing that you must know about power spikes is that it can come over any wire or wiring system. So, if you want complete protection, then you must not overlook phone and cable lines as even they can carry power spikes. Many surge protectors have connectors for these lines and you can buy them to ensure the total safety of your devices.
  • A portable power strip is a good thing to have: As already discussed, power strips are not known for providing much protection however, they can avoid overuse of a single outlet.
  • Changes are required: Like with every other thing in this world, surge protector won’t last forever. While some surge protectors give prior warning, but many don’t therefore, it is essential that you check your protectors from time to time and replace them whenever necessary.

If you love your devices and want to protect them, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t buy a surge protector. To be sure about the level of protection you need, you should take help from a professional or if you are in Winnipeg, then feel free to call us.