Knob Tube Removal

Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and tube electrical wiring is the oldest kind of residential wiring and it is now considered antique in the electrical trade. Porcelain knobs guide the wire along its run while porcelain tubes support the wire as it passes through wooden studs and joists. The old-fashioned wire is insulated by paper- or asbestos-wrap and is designed to be air-cooled. Knob and tube wiring was state-of-the-art from the early 1900s until around 1950. Knob and tube systems were designed to power simple devices of the early 20th century that did not draw a lot of electricity by today’s standards.

If your house was built before 1950, you might have a knob and tube in your house and not know it. Because knob & tube wiring is largely hidden behind walls, floors, and ceilings, and because homeowners tend to have done partial electrical upgrades over the years, it is advisable to have an electrician visit your home and tell you if you have knob & tube. Signs that knob and tube are present include 2-prong outlets and no junction boxes for electrical devices, although there are more determining factors. Expert Electric Ltd. of Winnipeg can determine if you have knob and tube in your house.

 Expert Electric Ltd. of Winnipeg can determine if you have knob and tube in your house.

Untouched knob and tube wiring systems are generally safe. Damaged, abused, or otherwise compromised knob and tube wiring systems may be unsafe. Knob and tube wiring systems damaged by improperly done or faulty splices can create a major fire risk. The old-style insulation meant to protect the wires can flake off due to the natural ageing process, leaving wire exposed. Abuse can occur by either rodent biting through the insulation or persons mishandling the wires.

Ungrounded knob and tube wiring cannot be used to wire modern grounded electrical outlets. While the science of an ungrounded system is not defective, knob and tube systems compromised to accommodate modern electrical devices may increase shock hazard. Expert Electric Ltd. can perform an electrical inspection and determine a level of fire risk in your home. Since every system is different, knob and tube wiring are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Expert Electric Ltd. is knob and tube removal experts. We pride ourselves on maximum respect to our customer’s lives and property – and the absolute minimum number of holes.

Insurance companies may not write a new policy if a house has knob and tube wiring. Check with your insurance provider. Occasionally insurance companies request an electrical inspection. Expert Electric Ltd. can perform the electrical inspection to determine the percentage of knobs and tubes in your house and provide a level of fire risk.

Modern-day electrical standards include improvements to new wire technology, modern grounded electrical systems, and better wire installation methods. New wire technology, temperature-rated wire contained in a nylon sheath, provides better protection than the old paper-wrapped wires. Properly grounded modern electrical systems minimize shock hazards. Wire installation methods are designed for today’s power consumption. Professional installation of a modern electrical system by Expert Electric Ltd and deactivation of your old knob and tube system will improve your home’s safety and will often increase your house value. Overall, it is generally considered a worthwhile expense to upgrade and modernize your electrical system.

Your home is your biggest investment and one that requires proper maintenance to make sure that all systems are operating effectively and efficiently. Keeping the electrical systems of your home updated with the latest technology will ensure a high degree of efficiency in energy use and secure your home for many years to come. At Expert Electric Ltd., we do this by offering knob and tube removal for Winnipeg homes done by our skilled technicians and at an affordable cost.