Residential Services

Electrical Services For Your Residential Property


Our highly trained, experienced electrician can tackle any electrical installation project you may have including but not limited to:

Wiring Updates

Does your home have older wiring, two-pronged, ungrounded outlets, missing GFCIs, missing AFCIs, or not enough power? Chances are your home requires some wiring updates.

    • Older wiring consists of Knob n Tube, non-metallic wiring used in the ’40s and ’50s, aluminum wiring used in the ’60s and ’70s, and any frayed wires from years of use.
    • Two-Pronged, Ungrounded Outlets – ungrounded outlets are a huge safety hazard.
    • Missing GFCIs – receptacles that have “Test” and “Reset” on them are typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, around pools/spas, and garages. GFCIs protect you from shock in high moisture areas.
    • Missing AFCIs – receptacles that act as a circuit breaker and protect you from fire.

    Protect your family and your most asset – your home! Call Expert Electric today for an electrical home inspection today.

    Bathroom And Kitchen Lighting

    Bathroom and Kitchen lighting play a key role in how you and others perceive your home. Lighting your space so that you can see and work comfortably is an important aspect of kitchen and bathroom designs. Use lighting to your advantage by making small rooms appear bigger and large rooms cozy and intimate. Accent your room’s architectural features, highlight pictures, brighten small spaces, and use dimmers to create the perfect mood.

    Recessed downlights are currently the most desirable source of general lighting in kitchens and bathrooms for their architectural appeal and even light distribution. A variety of bathroom and kitchen lights include:


    • Accent Lighting
    • Cabinet Lighting
    • Canned Lighting (pot lights)
    • Island Lighting
    • Kitchen Nook Lighting
    • Pendant Lighting
    • Sink Lighting
    • Wall Sconces and Ceiling Fixtures


    • Accent Lighting
    • Bathtub Lighting
    • Cabinet Lighting
    • Canned Lighting (pot lights)
    • Ceiling Fixtures
    • Indirect Lighting
    • Mirror and Vanity Lighting
    • Shower Lighting

    Fibre Optic Lights – unique and colorful lights that are designed for use in decorative fixtures.

    LED Lights – LED lights use less energy and last longer than other types of lighting.

    Our experts at Expert Electric Ltd. are here to help you determine what combination of lighting brings out the best in your space.

    Recessed Lighting

    Let the experts at Expert Electrical assist you to determine the right recessed lighting to enhance the beauty and brighten your home.

    • Down Lighting
    • Energy Star
    • Fire Barrier Housings
    • Fluorescent
    • Incandescent
    • LED Swivel Lighting
    • Line Voltage
    • Low Voltage Halogen
    • Multiple Recessed Spots
    • Standard Halogen

    Energy Efficient Lighting

    Energy-efficient lighting comes in all shapes and sizes. Since energy performance and cost are determined by the type of light fixture and bulb used, it is crucial to select products that meet your business’s needs.

    Upgrading your lighting to the most current technology can significantly reduce your energy costs. With any lighting project’s good design and proper installation, lighting renovations pay for themselves.

    The many types of lights Expert Electric provide include (but are not limited to):

    • Bathroom Lighting
    • Compact Fluorescent
    • Customer Lighting
    • Dimmers / Timers
    • Flood Lights
    • Fluorescent
      • Halogen
      • Holiday Lighting
      • Incandescent
      • Indoor / Outdoor
      • Kitchen Lighting
      • Landscape Lighting
      • Mercury
      • Metal Halide
      • Motion Sensors
      • Neon Lights
      • Projected Bulbs
      • Recessed Lighting
      • Security Lighting
      • Sodium Lamps
      • Track and Accent Lighting
      Our professional technicians can assist you in finding the perfect application for all your home and business lighting requirements.

      Landscape Lighting

      The importance of landscape lighting:

      Landscape lighting serves many purposes including security around your home, setting the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining, illuminating pools, decks, outdoor kitchens, patios, recreational spaces, and sitting areas.

      Landscape lighting can be used to beautify your home and enhance the unique architectural features of your home. By utilizing floodlights, you provide an additional layer of safety and security to your home.

      Our professionals are here to assist you with all your landscape lighting needs.

      Company Energy Savings Review

      A review of a company’s electrical wiring can uncover many safety risks or energy wasters. Ask for a free inspection today to determine if your company has any existing inefficiencies that when corrected could bring your energy bills down.

      EVSE Installation And Service

      Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more common these days. At Expert Electric Ltd. it is easy to purchase and install an electric vehicle charging station at your home or business. Check out our wide range of product options from charging stations to circuit protection equipment.

      Exhaust Fan Installation

      Did you know that an exhaust fan not only gets rid of odors, they also control the temperature and moisture content in your home or business that can lead to harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew in your home? Talk to a technician today to determine the proper size of the exhaust fan required for your home or business needs.