Babyproofing Electrical Outlets for Your Child

Babyproofing your electrical outlets and cords is a must because it will ensure safety and will provide parents with peace of mind. The process can be overwhelming but it is very important that you take the time to do this properly because contact with electricity would be extremely dangerous for a baby.

Electrical outlets can lead to a number of dangerous situations, and the use of guards is a must because this is the easiest way to protect your children from such dangers.

There are different types of outlet covers, and the following are the ones that are most commonly used:

Plastic Outlet Covers

These are made of durable plastic and contain prongs that fit inside the outlet to prevent direct contact with objects and fingers. These covers are also hard to pull out, so you won’t have to worry about your child removing them. There are a number of designs available, and they are popular because they usually come in bulk and are inexpensive, so one pack can help you babyproof your entire home. If an adult needs to use an outlet, they can easily remove the cover. 

Outlet Boxes

These are often used to protect outdoor electrical outlets but are also very useful when it comes to babyproofing your home. This option will cover your outlets completely, and if you choose one that has a two-button release system, it will be extremely hard for any child to open it. These are especially great for heavier appliances that are plugged in permanently, like your television or refrigerator, for example, because outlet boxes will block the cords that you don’t ever need to unplug.

Self-Closing Outlet Covers

These are also referred to as sliding covers because when a plug is removed, the cover will automatically slide over the plug holes to prevent anything from being inserted. The slide function will still allow you to plug something in and all you would have to do is slide the cover over to expose the plug holes. They are very effective when it comes to safety and protection and cannot be removed.

As children get older, it will become easier to talk to them about electricity, and you will be able to teach them how to use it safely to prevent injuries. If you want to do everything you can to ensure safety, set rules early on and get your kids to understand that only the adults in the house can turn on lamps and electronics. You can also avoid plugging things in and out whenever your children are close by or watching.

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