Rewiring a House: 5 Steps and Professional Tips

Upgrading the electrical system of your home is an essential task that should never be left ignored. This is especially the case if you live in a historic or older house because you need to check whether or not it is outdated or undersized. Due to the fact that rewiring a house can be complex, many homeowners will ask electricians to rewire the house in stages. Theoretically, this is possible to do. However, it can be a hassle since the old cables have to be left in place, and the junction boxes need an extra room. In the end, the entire process will end up costing you even more money. With that being said, there are some other steps that can be taken to ensure a smoother process. It will save time and money on electrical bills and ensure the safety of your house and those who are living in it. Here are five steps and professional tips that are guaranteed to make the process more comfortable and safe:

Make a Plan

Rewiring a house can be very difficult, but drafting a plan helps to make the process easier. Start by conducting an electrical inventory of your home. Make a list of the appliances and electronics in the house and where they are stationed. Examples include light fixtures, TVs, refrigerators, computers, game consoles, etc. Scan through your inventory to determine your usage before researching local codes and any permits that may be needed. Next, draw your home and include the items on your inventory. Having a form of visual representation can be helpful for the electrician when he is planning out the home’s electrical circuits based on your goals. Rather than making extra changes after the work has already started, you can request an electrician to review your drawing first for extra precaution.

Decide How to Rewire the House

If you are interested in modern wiring, several different options can carry more than just electricity, including fire, data, and security. Nowadays, wireless systems have become more affordable and sophisticated, allowing you to live your life with more comfort and ease. To properly prioritize your needs, do more research on wiring systems that operate in different ways, and make sure to talk to your electrician first.

You should also keep in mind that rewiring a house has two stages: replacing all cables, wires, circuits and mounting boxes, and installing the lighting fixtures, switches and faceplates on receptacles. Since you will not have electricity in all the areas of your house, that might impact whether you will be able to live in your home or not. Depending on the complexity of the project and your specific needs, the entire process can take from a few days to a couple of weeks. Also, prepare yourself for any disruptive sounds, like lifting carpets and floorboards or opening up walls and ceilings.

Set a Budget

By setting a budget, you will be able to make decisions quickly, and consider all aspects, and plan ahead for the inevitable. It is also worth noting that the cost to rewire a house depends on the electrician, size of your house, requirements you have, and the inevitable demolition and reconstruction. You can reduce spending by doing the preparation or cleanup yourself. However, you should still invest in great-quality materials that will make your system work safely and efficiently for years to come.

Get the Updated Electrical Plan in Writing

Even if you already talked about your electrical inventory and requirements with the electrician, make sure you get the updated plan in writing before any work starts. This can help with the price estimate and ensure that nothing has been forgotten or left out. Being able to refer back to the plan whenever needed will let you address or prevent any issues.

Get a Residential Electrician with Considerable Experience

Rewiring a house requires a certified electrician who has at least ten or more years of experience. Make an effort to check their license and certifications. An experienced electrician is not solely needed to get the job done. They should help you with your electrical inventory and plan, make the necessary suggestions and changes, and guide you in finding the best rewiring option for your home. You should never take the risk of hiring an inexperienced electrician who could inflict damage or endanger you or your family.

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