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Babyproofing Electrical Outlets for Your Child

Electrical Contractor Winnipeg

Babyproofing your electrical outlets and cords is a must because it will ensure safety and will provide parents with peace of mind. The process can be overwhelming but it is very important that you take the time to do this properly because contact with electricity would be extremely dangerous for a baby. Electrical outlets can…

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Common Electrical Problems in Older Buildings

Electrical Contractor solves Problems in Older Buildings

Older buildings require more care and maintenance, especially when it comes to their electrical systems. To ensure safety, you may have to replace certain aspects to improve function, although this will be based on the condition of the system. If necessary, there are ways of updating the electrical systems in older buildings so that they…

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Can I Install My Own New Light Fixtures?

Electrician Winnipeg

Any job related to electrical work should only be handled by an experienced and confident individual. If you are installing a new light fixture in a brand-new spot, then that is a project best left to the professionals. Don’t hesitate to call a licensed electrician with Expert Electric Winnipeg to safely handle this job.  If…

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Common Causes of a Tripped Circuit

Residential Electrician Winnipeg

Knowing the causes of a tripped circuit is very important because while some of them are harmless, others could put your home at risk. Understanding the causes will ensure that you do not put your home or family members in danger. There are a number of causes that can trigger a circuit breaker and the…

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What to Look for When Hiring an Electrician

Residential Electrician Winnipeg

Electrical work can be very dangerous, which is why a licensed electrician must be present to complete the project. This is true regardless of the type or simplicity of the project and even if you think you have a minor problem that is simple to fix, you can run into a dangerous situation and put…

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Rewiring a Kitchen: Licensed Electrician Tips

Licensed Electrician Tips

Reassessing the electrical setup of a kitchen is often part of the remodelling process and rearranging outlets, lighting and appliances will help improve and freshen up your space. We will provide you with a better layout that is more suitable for your preferences and needs.  Rewiring a kitchen is a challenging process that requires the…

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Three Indefensible Electrical Safety Tips To Use This Winter

Winter Electrical Safety Tips

Winnipeg winters can be hazardous to our homes, especially the electrical components inside. From high winds to heavy freezing rainfall and snowstorms, winter weather can create a variety of hazards, including electrical hazards. Avoiding electrical hazards is a key component of your home’s safety. To prevent electrical fire and ensure your home is safe and…

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Four Simple Ways To Conserve and Save On Your Energy Bill

Commercial Electrician Winnipeg

You may be frustrated, believing you’ve tried everything to reduce the energy use in your home to no avail. Cutting down on energy consumption will not only benefit your wallet but the planet as well. Saving on your utility bills is actually far more easily achievable than most people think. Ready to start? Check out…

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Why Whole Home Surge Protection Is A Vital Part Of Home Safety

Surge Protection Winnipeg

Winter delivers everything from hail and ice storms to severe winds and lightning storms. Which can all have a severe impact on your home’s electrical system. Protecting the internal components of your home is as important as protecting its structure. Investing in a whole-home surge protection plan is essential to ensure power surges won’t damage…

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