Three Indefensible Electrical Safety Tips To Use This Winter

Mar 5, 2020

Winnipeg winters can be hazardous to our homes, especially the electrical components inside. From high winds to heavy freezing rainfall and snowstorms, winter weather can create a variety of hazards, including electrical hazards. Avoiding electrical hazards is a key component of your home’s safety.

To prevent electrical fire and ensure your home is safe and warm all winter, check out our three indefensible electrical safety tips.

Heat Your Home Safely

If you use space heaters to heat areas of your home, ensure you are placing the heater at a safe distance from all furniture, rugs, blankets, walls and belongings. A space heater is an effective way to heat a room without increasing your home’s utility bills, however, space heaters emit a significant amount of heat. This can be extremely hazardous when the heater is placed near any flammable items. Always turn off the heater any time you are not home.

Be Prepared For Power Outages

Storms during the winter can cause branches and even entire trees to collapse onto power lines and cause complete electrical outages. When a power outage occurs, you should already be prepared. Your home’s power could be out for hours, sometimes even days, which can impact your entire daily routine. You’ll need your home to stay warm, especially during negative temperatures, but you will be unable to do so if your space heaters cannot run. Prepare for a power outage by organizing an emergency kit with essential items such as non-perishable food, flashlights, water, a first-aid kit and blankets/warm clothes.

Ensure A Proper Electrical Set-Up

Environmental hazards can cause severe damage to the electrical components in your home. It is important to defend it as best you can by using these methods:

  • Look out for any exposed wires and water. During the winter, water can find a way through any small cracks in your home and come into contact with exposed wires. Which can be extremely hazardous for the occupants inside your home.
  • Buy surge protection for your Winnipeg home to suppress the intensity of power outages and damage to your electronics and electrical appliances. Expert Electric Winnipeg’s residential electrician can review your home and ensure effective surge protection installation to protect your valuables and keep you safe.
  • Always unplug your electrical appliances from outlets, including your oven, fridge, freezer and TV. Turn off all of your light fixtures to prevent damage to the fixtures when the power is restored.
  • If you want to have home rewiring in Winnipeg, ensure you leave it up to our professionals. These projects need to be done with meticulous care to prevent any future electrical issues.

Call the experts for all of your electrical needs! Expert Electric Winnipeg has a team of professional, highly experienced and trusted electricians that handle every commercial and residential electrical task with the utmost care.

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