5 Everyday Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Enhance your Home’s Appearance

Outdoor lighting is a must because it will help you remain outdoors for longer periods of time, and you will get to enjoy your backyard as a result. The right lighting will allow you to have more fun and will improve your outdoor ambiance, all while protecting your property.

If you want to enhance your home’s appearance and are ready to enjoy your outdoor space, consider the following lighting ideas:

Security Lighting

This is an important feature for any outdoor space because it will provide you with peace of mind. Not only would this type of lighting illuminate large areas, but it would also scare off unwanted animals and burglars as well. Security lighting is generally the brightest when it comes to outdoor lighting, and they have to be installed in high spots so that they can cast wide beams of light.

Path Lighting

This type of lighting will help you and your guests navigate walkways. Path lighting must be installed on the ground along both sides of any main walkways to help people walk safely while highlighting your space beautifully. You can use them along stepping stones from your main walkway to one of your backyard features, from your back door down to your garden, or around flower beds.

String Lighting

This type of lighting is very popular because of its ability to illuminate a space and because of its attractive appearance. String lighting is very modern and will instantly enhance the look of any outdoor space by making it intimate and more inviting. These soft accent lights will help you create the perfect ambiance and can be hung on an outdoor pavilion or gazebo to illuminate your patio furniture.

Wall Lighting

This moderately bright, low voltage form of lighting is great for safety and is used primarily to illuminate navigation in smaller areas of a yard. This will help improve safety, and outdoor wall lighting can be mounted on any vertical surface. Wall sconces are ideal because they tend to cast the most amount of light down onto recessed areas.


This is a great option if you are after soft accent lighting for smaller areas because it will look beautiful as décor and will also emphasize your architectural details. They can be installed around your back door or on top of windows. Most of these fixtures are semi-flush mount and contain a glass-and-metal exterior attached to an arm that is affixed to a plate on the wall. Tabletop lanterns that are battery-powered are available as well, and these are perfect for entertaining, as they will help illuminate beverages, outdoor games, and more.

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