5 Expert Lighting Tips for Residential Apartments

Selecting the right light fixtures for an apartment is not always easy because you need to choose fixtures that help with the lack of natural light while taking up minimal space. While this task can be challenging, it is possible to transform your apartment into a beautifully lit home, and the following tips can help:

Add Ceiling Fixtures

This will direct attention upward and will open up your space, and you can choose a ceiling fixture that is large and bold to add some drama and style to your apartment. When you aim high, the fixture and the amount of illumination will trick the eye into thinking the room is much bigger than it actually is. Just remember that you will still require other lighting sources in addition to a ceiling fixture to really brighten up the room because that alone will not be enough to enhance your space.

Add Sconces To Your Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are always tricky, but slim sconces are perfect for this space. Most people choose overhead lighting for this space and place it above the vanity, but this can create illumination that is harsh and overpowering, so you need to balance it out; otherwise, your space will feel very small. Combining a sconce with overhead lighting, lamps and even natural light will help make your powder room more inviting.

Consider Incandescent Light

Bulbs that emit a softer, yellow light will help your apartment feel more inviting because believe it or not, incandescent lights are more relaxing and will send signals to your body to help you achieve better sleep. If you want to eliminate the feeling of being in a waiting room, look for incandescent bulbs.

Make Sure You Have Task Lighting

When choosing your light fixtures, make sure you think about the areas of your home where focused lighting is necessary for tasks like reading and cooking. Under-cabinet lighting is great for apartment kitchens because it will allow you to see the tasks at hand on your counters, which you will be able to complete more efficiently and comfortably.

Utilize Your Walls

If your apartment is small, take advantage of your walls because this will prevent you from using up valuable floor space. Mounted fixtures like sconces are great because they will provide light while serving as decor as well. Sconces are especially great when used as bedside lighting because they will help you save space on your bedside tables, which can become crowded easily.

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